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Post by Admin on Fri Jan 04, 2008 5:30 am

Were a group of old friends, mostly from jaedenar alliance who have played together and raided together for a long time.
Although were terrible at choosing guild names and have a rubbish sense of humor, most of us are experienced raiders having raided through the majority of naxx pre tbc and up to Hyjal and BT in TBC often as officers of the guilds weve been in.

Our goal at the moment is a casual raiding guild looking to have some fun while farming kara/za/gruul and maybe the odd world boss. We wish to have a relaxed atmosphere and build a solid core in preparation for the next expansion. Next expansion our goal is to use the solid core we establish this expansion to be a top raiding guild. We feel that with a solid core of raiders combined with our experience in naxx means that if we rush to 80 with our core we will be one of the first raiding guilds on the server and will be able to attract the few extras we need for a solid top end raiding guild in WOTLK.

We also go AV lolololol.

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