Loot system for karazhan - 25man

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Loot system for karazhan - 25man Empty Loot system for karazhan - 25man

Post by Blawis on Thu Jan 03, 2008 3:13 pm


The loot system for karazhan will be free for all, which basicly means "roll if you need".This doesn't mean that paladins will steal the imba cloth healing lewt. If a cloth item drops, classes that wear cloth as a primary armor type will have a prio over the ones that dont.

example 1:
Shade of aran drops boots of the incorrupt ( cloth healing feet ).
Follym and Mute both roll for it.
Anyway, whatever the result is follym will receive loot becouse he is wearing cloth as his primary armor type when mute is wearing plate.

example 2:
Moroes drops edgewalker longboots ( leather feet )
Blawis and Nightversion roll for it.
Since blawis is wearing plate and not leather the item will automaticly go to nightversion, but if nightversion decides to pass, blawis will receive the item.

example 3.
Prince drops ring of a thousand marks ( insane dps ring for melee )
Nightversion,blawis,uknou,hardshot roll for it
Nightversion rolls 90
Blawis rolls 1
Uknou rolls 44
hardshot rolls 99
=== > Hardshot receives the ring.

25-MAN *waiting to be updated*
For 25man raiding we will most likely go for a DKP system, but we haven't been talking about the details yet.


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